Anne McCue

I would like to know more about your song Stupid. What led you to write it?

Anne McCue responded on 01/25/2012

Wow, good question! Many things went into the writing of that song. The jingly jangly guitars is a tribute to The Byrds. Overall, the sound and style is a tribute to sixties folk rock, a period dear to my heart. The opening lines - 'Leonard said there are no institutions, There's nothing to believe in any more' came from a documentary I saw about Leonard Cohen made in 1978 wherein he talked about this era and our lack of structured and ritual beliefs. There was a sense of doom in his logic which really made me think. I tied this idea back into an episode in my own life in which I had sunk into a deep depression and which I nearly didn't get out of. Depression is something I believe you really have to fight with all your might. You need to have a lot of self-discipline - making yourself get up and move even though every cell in your body just wants to lay down and give up. I have battled it out several times. Meditation and yoga and exercise and good positive books have been my method.

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