Anne McCue

having been a fan since the beginning and owning all your music and preording latest, the only thing I do not have is a t-shirt, lol. I see on your website you have 3xl tees for men , but do not have any idea how to order one !! would like to get one and have you sign it when you are in williamsville, ill. being disabled, I am checking to see if I can get a spot to see you there,. your music is fantastic and cannot wait to see you live as I watch the dvd concert weekly still. thank you anne for the e-mails and this is on my short bucket list !!

Anne McCue responded on 06/06/2016

Thanks Tom, If you click the 'buy' link on the website it will take you to paypal to order the t-shirt. And just contact the folks on the gig listing to get a place at the show. If the info isn't there yet, it will be soon. Thanks for your support Tom! :-)

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