Anne McCue

Howdy Anne,
Joe, from "Joe's Roadhouse". I loved the live broadcast's you did for my show at Dan Electro's Guitar Bar. My partners and I are submitting a pilot to Sirius and other avenues for a three hour weekly show of all live music. Between the years of my live broadcasts that Frank and I recorded and Alan Ames's television show "Texas Roadhouse Live" we have an archive to start off the series. The pilot is flat out awesome and you are featured in it! We will be looking to continue recording for radio airplay and we would love to do a show with you in the future when you come through town. I plan on being at The Duck next month and I'm looking forward to seeing you again. We got some cool stuff with you and your band when you did the show. I'll bring a copy of it.
Smokin' Joe Montes

Anne McCue responded on 03/25/2015

Ok great see you at the Duck!

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