Anne McCue

You explained to us at Liberty what "Milkmans Daughter" was about... thank you for that. Ive heard it a thousand times but I truly understand now. What inspired you to write your song "stupid"? You played it for us but I am extremely curious. The lyrics are so meaningful but I would love to know the true meaning... THanks!
Peace and hugs and best wishes for the ultimate success. This new album is going to take you to the next level... i know it.

Anne McCue responded on 01/26/2015

I used to get very depressed - I don't any more, thank goodness! - and I reached some all time lows. It's a song about almost giving up - I'm glad I didn't. For me, yoga and meditation help me navigate through life. I'm much better off without distractions. Don't believe the nay sayers! Thanks! :-)

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